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I am copyediting a thing about human resources and quality improvement and suddenly all I want to do is unleash consultants (like the "Bobs" from Office Space) on Stark Industries. In fanfic, of course.

The thing is, I used to write and edit consulting reports. I could SO do this thing. It would be hilarious.

But I have three real-life deadlines hovering. No fanfic for you, brain. File the ideas away for later.
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There was an MCU Harlequin challenge and the deadline was April 19 by midnight.

I kinda kicked a few ideas around, but got no traction. Then, midafternoon on the 19th (no really) I got An Idea, about a pairing I'd never really spent much time considering. And then I spent the evening and late into the night writing it. It was no longer the 19th here when I posted, but it still wasn't quite midnight in California. It still counted. :)

Her Winter Soldier (link to AO3)

Her secret identities no longer secret, Natalia Radetsky was trying to build a new self and wipe out the red in her ledger. But when her ex-husband reappeared, all hope of a clean start was lost. How could she build a new life if an old flame threatened to burn it down?

Enjoy! And enjoy the other Harlequin fics too. I particularly liked Whizbang and the Flyboy, featuring Captain Marvel and Rhodey. :)
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I used to describe myself, writing-wise as a pantser (writing by the seat of my pants). This is true -- I do tend to go into a story with only a vague idea of what's going on, and build it up from the inside. I would sail into a first draft, ride the high, and then get bogged down in rewrites.

But my best and most complete writing experiences could better be described as "iterative pantsing" -- I write to figure out where I'm going, then go back and edit to make sure things hang together on the front end, then write a little farther, then edit as necessary.

The pros of this are that the finished work is a lot more polished and a lot less "well, it's patently obvious that I had no idea what to do next for these two chapters..."

The cons are that it takes much longer to write this way. You get a spurt of glorious narrative flow, followed by a day or two of review and cleanup.

I've just finished a bit of cleanup and am back to the narrative flow, but as I follow this one I'm pretty sure that there might need to be a bit more restructuring than usual on the front end. Which makes this particular high a bit less fun -- but will probably make the resulting story better.


In other news, I was rereading my first novel-length fanfic (it's no longer posted online). It's better than I remember, although it's been completely trashed by canon in the meantime. (I knew that was going to happen; I wrote it between books 4 and 5 of HP.) I still like it, though.

When I wrote that one, I did it in spurts and snatches, often out of order -- just sort of following whatever scene appealed to me, then stitching up the bits later. I remember that the last scene I wrote was actually somewhere in the middle of the story.

On my current non-fanfic work, I've taken a similar approach -- writing scenes as they appeal, then tucking them at the end of the Word doc until I need them. (Sometimes they aren't used; sometimes they have to be heavily changed.) I'm not sure whether it's better than just plowing through directly, but it does make those scenes more powerful, I think, that I write them when they're fresh in my mind. Also it helps me know where my characters' minds are going.
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Title: Raison d'Etre (at Archive of Our Own)

Author: [personal profile] trespasserswill

Rating: PG

Notes: Complete, one-shot, post "Magical Place" (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode s01e11)

Character(s): Steve Rogers, Phil Coulson, Dr. Streiten

Summary: Dr. Streiten, rattled from his talk with Agent Coulson, asks Steve Rogers -- the only other man he knows who has come back from the dead -- to talk to the Agent.


About the fic . . .

You could say that watching "Magical Place" freaked me out. A lot. And Dr. Streiten seemed upset during his conversation with Coulson -- upset enough to maybe break a few rules. I could imagine him approaching Steve Rogers with the idea that Captain America might be the best person to talk to Coulson about the situation.

I told [personal profile] telaryn about this idea, and she said, "Write. It."

So I did, and there it is.


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