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My little nephew is having his first birthday tomorrow. The theme is monkeys, so I thought -- hey! I'll make him a sock monkey! I even had two nifty pairs of socks lying around. I decided to use the plain ones, which were cream with brown toes and heels. I thought they'd make a cool "inverse" sock monkey.

Then I sewed up the wrong side of the plain ones on the first shot.

So I used one plain one to make the body and legs (and the rest of the wrongly-sewn one to make the arms), and used the more decorative one to make the ears, mouth, and tail.

The original socks were knee highs, which sort of explains the gangly nature of the result. But I persevered! I stuffed the body, the arms, the legs, the tail, the ears.

Then I came up against sewing 1) in 3D, 2) in cotton jersey, 3) which was kind of lumpily stuffed. (HEY. I TRIED.) Let us merely say that things are not attached in quite the symmetrical way they ought to be. In my defense, I was attaching limbs and also being scaled by Rob at inopportune moments.

The results started out scary, but once I had the eyes and mouth embroidered on, it wasn't so bad. (Until the face was embroidered, [livejournal.com profile] moorewr kept making it say "I hunger!" in a sinister voice. BAD UNCLE.)

So with this in mind, here are the results... the wackest sock monkey ever )


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