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I've been working on a long-form fic, set in the Avengers universe. I have been having the best time writing it. Really.

But working on it reminds me why I have never been the Dickens-style write-and-post-serially kind of person. I back up and redo all the time. I rewrote the first big action/fight sequence over five or six times -- and that was early on in the process

Today, I had the head-smacking realization that one of my locations was ... not realized very well. I had been thinking in terms of how I wanted the story to go, rather than actual reality, and it made for the kind of disconnect/error that would kick a knowledgeable person out of the story.

Getting rid of it meant sacrificing a particular line I LOVED. It also meant rewriting/rewiring four chapters to accommodate the change. Which is what I'm in the middle of now.

Granted, this is not a BAD thing. It's made me look hard at how I arranged the reveal of information and as a result, I've streamlined the story a bit, which is actually good. It turns out it's not always easy to wrangle six Avengers (and assorted others). Finding good combinations to reveal your info and pass it on is key with them. Geez. I have a newfound respect for Joss Whedon for pulling the movie together.


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