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Feb. 7th, 2014 09:37 am
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On Wednesday I made sure to go to the comics store so I could pick up Ms. Marvel #1 and Loki: Agent of Asgard #1, and to subscribe. They're both awesome in different ways. I shared Ms. Marvel with my daughter (10 going on Hogwarts) and she liked it, too. Glad we're subscribing. I had to laugh particularly at the fact that both series reference the characters writing fanfiction. Love it!

The funny thing is, I was never a comics subscriber nor did I visit comic stores often (and not at all until I was in college). I wandered in to buy a Sandman graphic novel a couple of times. And it was not comfortable. "Oh, you GIRLS only want GAIMAN."

No, really.

Times have changed; no one batted an eyelash although it's probably true that "you GIRLS only want LOKI" would have the same ring to it. (Yes. And we want Ms. Marvel. And we might even want to back up and read some Avengers arcs but it's hard to know where to jump in so we are researching that.) And they ordered up the new Serenity for me (they'd had it in stock but it sold out).

Having read Loki:AoA #1, I went online to Marvel and downloaded their comic-reading app so I could buy and read the Loki "Fear Itself" arc from Journey Into Mystery. Interesting app, and works well on my (7") tablet. I was glad I could catch up. I need to buy the second part now, having enjoyed the first part.

(The Serenity comic, by the way? It's for my husband. Not that I won't read it too. HA.)


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